We also have a solution at our applications including technological and innovative designs for you!

Curtain Wall System

Facade system with cap enabling long span applications carries out our all expectations with flat, round and almond cap options. Therefore, the risks are eliminated...

Aluminium Joinery System

It is high heat insulated joinery system that is fit to use in large spaces, has 25 mm length of heat barrier, hidden casement window, outward-inward opening door ...

Glass Coaitng System

This glass is produced by doing sanding over the sheet glass, colored or not, and by applying epoxy paint in various colors with pistol gun method and with the tempering...

Skylight Systems

They are facade skylight systems. You get an esthetically good result while making use of sunshine in maximum. It provides automatic opening by means of opening case engine...

Automatic Door System

They provide a practical and hygienic use that conserves warm and cool air at operating theater, malls, exchange bureaus, restaurants and many other places...

Office Division System

Mainly fashioned to place jalousie curtain between two glasses, this system is also used to provide audio acoustic. In situations where the office layout plan is changed, ...

We have a solution for everyone!

We create project-based solutions to your architectural or discrete projects.

We attribute value and quality to your applications with solution focused designs on your Special design Projects.

We provide solution focused applications with our professional team for your domestic and foreign projects.

We have a solution which will solve your application problems occurred depending on you, time and place.

We eliminated your application problem thanks to our equipments produced in accordance with European standards

"Folding shutters’ design belongs to us and it is our special patented product."


Domestic and Foreign special projects

We ensure unique and special design applications.

We make your designs attractive with our materials and equipments which will enrich your projects. You can acquire designs having imagined thanks to Enezcam designs.

We offer application detail and materials selection being appropriate to your project. Let our professional team create trouble-free solutions for your projects.

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