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Established in 1999 by brothers Serdar and Sedat Kuru as a family company, Enez Cam Aluminium and Construction and Industry Trade. Co provides service in accordance with European standards with its extremely experienced technical staff. Our company also provides manufacturing and installation services on aluminum and glass including bank branch concepts throughout Turkey.

Scope of activities

Since ENEZCAM was established, it has enhanced its production and its quality by developing day by day due to the fact that it has carried out so many projects such as Aluminum joinery, glass works, and Office partition systems, Sunshade systems, shutter systems, Curtain wall systems, Fire / Emergency exit doors and turnkey projects at the sector. ENEZCAM, which offers special design solutions to your projects with its product quality, special designs and patented products, continues growing by leaps and bounds by offering solution partnership to Turkey’s best architectural offices and you, our distinguished clients with our technical staff working with plentiful concentration and with our expert teams working with team spirit.

We have a solution for everyone!

  • Project Design
  • Project Application
  • A quick solution
  • International Quality

We attribute quality and value to your applications with solution focused designs on your special design Projects.
Our Principle is to elaborate on maintaining conceptual integrity created with the finer details from the beginning of project design to the final point of application on the one hand and finish a project in the framework of determined cost accounts on the other.

We provide solution focused applications with our professional team for your domestic and foreign projects.
Our aim is to represent our country with qualified projects being unique and bringing spirit of concept on which projected application places are resulted in employer satisfaction.

We have a solution which will solve your application problems occurred depending on you, time and place.
Our Perspective; we carry out the projects, which we initiated, by being in the conscious of the importance of price analyses we prepared in accordance with employer’s data, application projects preparation, project manufacturing, quality control process and delivering them in time.

We eliminated your application problem thanks to our domestic and foreign equipments produced in accordance with European and Turkish Standard Institute (TSE) standards.
Our Target is to enable the projects, the design of which we undertook, to make a difference at the international sector by combining them with our functional and esthetic design conception.

Vision & Mission

We aim at using advanced technology and modern techniques at our applications as Enez cam and constantly investing in research and development by valuing innovations and creativeness with our executive management being expert in their field and our staff, Being respectful to sentimental values by being aware of our responsibilities towards the society, government and environment, After identifying clients’ demands and expectations, directing our capacity in this direction, being a company preferred by the companies we served and respected by our competitors and providing 5 star service to our clients.

We set our sights on maintaining the performance of success that our company displayed since our company was established also in the future. One of our main goals is to offer the quickest and most appropriate solution providing services professionally without losing the amateur spirit, enabling our all sources to be utilized in the most plentiful way with the active participation of staff taking on team spirit.

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